Tips on Booking a Limousine 

If public transportation doesn’t suit you, you can always opt for taxi or limousine services. This way, you don’t have to worry about catching up the schedules and standing in the train because it’s already full of people. If you have a meeting, flight or an important event to attend to, a limousine would be perfect for you.  

Booking a Limousine

However, not all limousines are created equal and not all rental companies offer the same offer. When renting a limousine, you must consider the size of your group, the event you’re attending, the time you need to be picked up and the number of hours you’re going to need it. Before you ask for the price of the party bus or limo rental services, make sure you prepared these details first.   

In this article, we’ll give you an outline of tips you can follow when booking a limousine. This will help you have a hassle-free booking and trip.   

  • Know the location of the company first, if they’re 30 minutes away from you then expect additional charges for the gas.  
  • If you have preferred route, let the driver know. If you also plan to have stops along the way because you’re picking up other guests, inform the company firsthand.  
  • If you have a guest that needs special needs like a ramp for the wheelchair or a car seat, arrange these requirements with the company first so they can arrange ahead of time.  
  • Limousine companies have different policies when it comes to pets, so ask the company first especially if you plan to bring a dog.  
  • If you’re attending a big event with a large group of people, book the limousine ahead of time. If the limousine is going to be used for the wedding, reserve it twelve months before the event. If you’re attending a prom, book the limousine few months before the event.  
  • Limousine rental companies also offer different facilities which will depend on your budget and the event you’re going to need it for. Most of the time, the limousine has a bar, stereo, TV, disco lights and many more.  
  • Ask the company’s policies when it comes to the drinks and foods you’re allowed to bring inside. If you plan to smoke, ask the company about their policy regarding smoking.  
  • Of course, don’t forget to ask about their insurance, permits and licenses because those documents are very important.  

Warnings to Remember:  

  • If the company doesn’t show you their insurance credentials or license, avoid booking a limousine from them. If they don’t have those documents, it means that their operations is not legal.  
  • If you don’t see any online reviews or testimonies from past clients, this could be another red flag. This means that they did not do well in their past bookings.  
  • Always check the age of the limousine. If the company uses limousines that are 5 years old, don’t make reservation on that company.  
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